Friday, October 11, 2002

not much happened this week. bought own net card. finished autocad learning assistant. finished reading all comics lent to me. hunting new books to read. finding more things to do. decided to color my comic strips for uploading. thinking of selling anime caricatures to students. or chocolate shake. or both.

went to driving lessons this morning. scorching sun burnt my left arm to raw red. gonna be golden brown tomorrow for sure. mental note: wear long sleeves. or sunblock. eyes still hurt from glare. didn't stop me from enjoying my photoshop 7 tho. watched jacky chan's the tuxedo for P40 for de luxe seats. sounds are crappy, can't hear what they're saying over the whine of some machinery. aircon or something.

went grocery shopping with mom after. then had snacks. macaroni and brazo de mercedes in liana's supermarket.

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