Sunday, October 06, 2002


called ABC Computer, 3rd Floor Megamall A, to confirm that I'm going there tomorrow to have my hard disk replaced 'cause it got a bad sector less than a month after i purchased their pc package. Last time I went back because they didn't give me the proper power cord for my printer. My patience is waning...

Watched "the clerks" 'cause I have to return the vcd to azrael tomorrow.

sent one of my people to remind our driver that i'm hiring him for tomorrow's mega trip. i have it told that he should be in my place by seven am.


woke up six, packed up pc for transport, ready to get out by seven. by eight we're in sto. tomas batangas, by nine we're in alabang, by ten we're in mega. had breakfast. sent for ABC people to retrieve pc from car. hard disk replaced. formatted done when azrael came. glad to see him again. been a while. returned vcd's "DANCER IN THE DARK" and "THE CLERKS". he joined us for lunch with mom. had the monitor checked out too. seems ok now. backed up 'my documents' files. went around mega to canvass treadmills for bro. mom got az to try one of them out, too :) cute.


called up beho to say that the pc is fixed and that i can install his programs now. he said he can drop 'em off at the resto. when he did we left together and caight up with each other, 'cause we sorta lost touch of each other since grade school. he's doing this punk 'zine or something. i lent him my cd of art samples so he could decide whether i could help. i offered to help him with his thesis. he offered to help me with my pc. i think it's a fair deal :)

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